Prevent Injury by Doing Body Flexibility Exercises

You might experience gymnastics during schoolyears. Your teacher might teach you candlelight, front roll, rear roll, somersault, and many movements that require flexibility. Flexibility helps you prevent injury during your activities and make your body movements feel lighter, free, and optimal.

What flexibility can exercises be done?

Flexibility training is one part of the physical aspects that need to be trained routinely, just like strength and endurance. Here are some flexibility exercises that can be done as a way to flex the body:


Pilates is another flexibility exercise that is worth a try. Core muscles inside of the stomach and back muscles are the main focus in pilates.

Pilates exercises can be done at Rouse Hill Physio to increase the flexibility of the body from the inner thighs to the back and neck. Rouse Hill Physio is a service that will train you on how to process your posture properly and to prevent tension in the muscles.

Stretch body

Stretching the body or stretching can be a simple flexibility exercise to increase body flexibility. stretching can be done at any time and does not have to be done before or after exercise.

Nevertheless, stretching the body does not make the muscles become permanently longer, but it can make the body is able to tolerate muscle lengthening without causing pain. If you don’t exercise your muscles, your flexibility will return to normal.

Warm-up the body properly

Warming up the body can not only prevent injury, but it can also be flexible exercises before the real sport. When warming up, do movements that use the whole muscle, such as lunges, high knee skip, and many more.


Dancing is not just a hobby, but it can also be an exercise in body flexibility. You not only train cardio and get rid of fat but also help stretch muscles and joints.


Yoga is one of the well-known flexibility exercises that can help to relax.

You can try other types of yoga, such as Hatha or Yin yoga, which focus on stretching the body and breathing.

Body flexibility exercises can not make you flexible in a short time. You need regular exercise to increase your flexibility. In addition, it is important to realize that each person has a different development time and level of flexibility.

If you decide to do flexibility exercises like yoga, tai chi, pilates, dancing, and many more, please look for instructors who are certified and professional. It is important so that you will be taught professionally and to prevent injury.